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School Profile

A. Blair McPherson was a stalwart advocate for public education and deeply appreciated its role in preparing students to be the leaders of tomorrow.  “Grandpa Mac”, as he was affectionately called, was a beloved family pastor, respected counselor and a dedicated volunteer who made significant contributions at Bisset School in the Mill Woods community of Ridgewood from the time it opened its doors.  He was known for helping students contribute positively to their school, and taught them the importance of respecting others, being compassionate members of society and living their lives with honesty and integrity.  Mr. McPherson passed away in 2007, but the value he placed on building positive relationships will surely be a principle that will flourish in our school.

School Logo

Our school logo pays homage to both the heritage and values of our school’s namesake.  The main icon is a modern take on the traditional shield with overlapping bars forming an abstract “M”.  The interlocking pattern references the McPherson tartan and represents the values Mr. McPherson placed on respecting others and working together with integrity.  The woven shape also reflects the collaborative nature of school with parents, community, staff and students all working together.