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Complementary Courses


Band - This full year complimentary course starts in grade 7 with the opportunity to play a new woodwind or brass instrument including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone or Tuba. The opportunity to play percussion is on a case by case basis if a student has previous experience or are excelling on their instrument. No experience is necessary and you will have the opportunity to play as a large ensemble, attend camp, and possible other field trips. This experience continues in grade 8 and 9 with the progression of musical skills and abilities. Studies show that learning a musical instrument helps in all academic areas of your life.


Art - This trimester complementary course is offered at all three grade levels. Students will learn and use a variety of techniques with various media. There will be many opportunities to learn the skills involved in creating amazing art works. Instruction could be focused on many art forms including drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage. Each trimester will have different skills and projects so students have the opportunity to take it more than once per year.

Drama - Each trimester, students will focus on various skills to foster self-confidence through encouraging imaginative exploration.  Individual creativity is valued but cooperation and commitment to the group process are also essential components. This work will include a variety of games and work in several areas including monologues, one act plays, script work, sound technology skills and improvisation. Students will have the opportunity to create projects for audiences to appreciate. No experience is necessary and students will be performing in front of their peers in a safe environment.


Foods - In this trimester complimentary course, students start out by learning kitchen safety and introductory kitchen skills such as measuring, knife skills and recipe reading. Each trimester will focus on creating foods modeled after recommendations from the Canadian Food Guide. Each grade will focus on a variety of recipes from breakfast foods, nutritional snacks, lunch ideas, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Students have the opportunity to take foods for more than one trimester a year and will focus on new skills and foods each time.

Construction - Each trimester students will learn to use tools to build simple projects made of wood. Safety is emphasized at the beginning of each trimester and students must pass an introductory safety test to use any tools. Students will have the opportunity to use both hand tools and the bigger machines in the construction lab. Projects like birdhouses, gumball machines, small box cars, tables, mirrors and games will be considered for creation each trimester.

STEAM - This complimentary option will be focused on problem based and inquiry driven learning with direct relation to the science curriculum and technology. Students will have the opportunity to do a deep dive on science related topics while using technology as a tool to exploration and creation. Some opportunities could include using the glowforge, 3D Printer, micro bits and/or other programming technologies depending on the question based project. A variety of Art techniques could also be incorporated in project creation with the development of specific skills in several areas. 


Photography -  During this complimentary option, students will view and interpret a variety of photographic techniques and structures, many of which are common and relevant in multimedia today. They will also have the opportunity to take photographs and  communicate ideas and feelings to their audience through these artistic elements. 


Film Studies - Each trimester, students will view and interpret a variety of films to discover the techniques and structures that make them an alternate art form. Special focus will be given to films of various genres (animation, sci-fi, drama, suspense) and topics so students can explore how films communicate ideas and feelings to their audience through artistic elements.


Podcasting -  Ever wanted to delve into the world of podcasting? Interested in taking what you have already learned about podcasting and going further? Or maybe you are interested in working with a group to study a serial podcast "book club" style? Then this is the class for you! Whether you have already created a podcast or are just interested in seeing what is out there, this class will be devoted to what YOU want to do. Whether you want to study podcasts or create them, we will ensure you have the tools to do so!


Fitness Games / Active Living  - Students will be outside (weather permitting) to play various active games other than those played in regular PE. This could include games such as spikeball, beach volleyball, 4 corner volleyball and other active games. The opportunity may also be available to be trained to use the work out equipment and develop personal fitness goals.